High-Net-Worth Divorces

Parties In High-Net-Worth Divorces

There is no denying the fact that divorce can become a more complex proposition when those with significant financial assets are involved making high-net-worth divorces something to not take lightly. Serious battles over the asset total, how much money each is worth, which party has control over them and the like are all key questions that must be answered. Also, existing pre- or postnuptial agreements can play a large role in shaping the outcome. Even though such contracts were initially intended to make the process easier, they do not always accomplish that objective.

The way liabilities and debts are addressed in divorces of this type can also pose a challenge. Just as assets are often divided on an even basis in divorce, debts acquired by the parties together during the marriage may be as well. We strive to make certain that debts of all types are appropriately divided as separate or marital property in every case we handle.

Usual Disputes In High-Net-Worth Divorces

  •  Family owned and operated businesses
  • Securities of all types
  • Family residences
  • Retirement savings accounts
  • Debts assumed during the course of the marriage
  • Vacation homes
  • Automobiles and boats
  • Investment property of all types

High-Net-Worth Divorces & Your Children

Significant debts, as well as assets, can greatly affect child support and spousal support awards in such divorce cases. Family law judges review the entire estate to assess its full worth, though they also examine the lifestyle to which the parties have grown used to during the span of the marriage. Relevant factors can include things such as the size and condition of the residence, the make and model of family vehicles, discretionary spending levels and the like.

Various other features of high-net-worth divorces make them a bit unusual. Parties who are also high-level executives may be concerned about publicity issues relating to the division of assets. We understand these unique challenges and can adjust our strategies accordingly to achieve maximum privacy and protection until the process is complete.

To schedule your initial consultation, contact us directly at our office. Time really is of the essence when dealing with complicated matters such as these, and we consider it our mission to provide client service that is prompt, effective and responsive to each unique circumstance involved with any divorce.


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