Alimony Attorney: The Support of a Spouse

In certain divorce matters, where there is a long term marriage (approximately 7 years or more) or a spouse with a disability, the Court may order alimony. One of the measures of alimony is a balance between the needs of one spouse and the ability to pay off the other. Alimony, if any, is determined in the final order of a divorce. The timing of the demand is important. The failure to properly plea for the relief may forever bar it. Some alimony can be modified, other kinds cannot. There are also many reasons that alimony can be terminated. We will listen to your needs and craft your case to work towards the best results for you.

How Much Can You Get With An Alimony Attorney?

There is no set number when it comes to alimony. Each situation is different, and the courts take into account everything about the relationship before making a ruling. For example, the courts will consider earning potential, deferred earning, such as a stay at home parent putting a career on hold, or even a new supportive relationship.

It is possible for you and your spouse to determine alimony on your own, without the help of the court. However, if this task proves to be too contentious, you may ask the court for help. The court evaluates the situation to see whether alimony is necessary or not. Regardless of whether you come to a decision on your own or with the help of the court, alimony could potentially be tax deductible for the person paying. The person receiving the alimony must then pay taxes on the money.

An Alimony Attorney That Cares More Than Just About Money?

Alimony may mean more than simply money. In some cases, part of an alimony settlement includes the transfer of property. For example, a dependent spouse may be awarded a house or a car as part of their settlement. If they are awarded money on a continuing basis, there is often a set length of time that those payments take place. A supporting spouse may, for instance, have to make a payment to the dependent spouse monthly for ten years, at which point they no longer have a responsibility to their former spouse. Alimony is dependent on a case by case circumstance, so be sure you have the best alimony attorney out there.

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